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Recap: March 28th - April 1st.

Ivy breathes a sigh of relief when Sam is too late in answering Grace's phone call. Sam is about to call Grace back when Jessica angrily orders him to stop. Chad feels an inexplicable bond with Whitney's baby boy. Despite some hesitation, Whitney signs away her son to be adopted. Eve and Chad are horrified when they hear the news. A startled Mrs. Wallace suddenly remembers flirting and dancing in a club during the 1970s with a mysterious man. As she further recalls their night of passion together, Edna is horrified to realize exactly who the man is. When Sheridan leaves Marty alone for a brief moment, Alistair swoops in and takes off with his grandson. Alistair gives the boy back to Sheridan, but coolly warns her that something terrible could happen to Marty if Luis continues to try bringing him down. Martin and Pilar convince Paloma and Theresa to give their family a chance to reunite. However, Luis refuses to give his father another chance. Gwen is floored to learn Alistair is not only keeping Katherine as his prisoner, but her and "Ashley" as well. Fox infiltrates the Crane compound, but is captured by armed security. Alistair arrives at the compound, much to the dismay of his guests. Gwen and Katherine are baffled by a sudden turnaround in Fox's attitude, especially when he declares he'd rather live the life of a playboy at the compound than return to Whitney and his newborn son. NBC.COM
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