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Monday, April 25
Beth and Mrs. Wallace learn Alistair didn't fix the DNA test. Whitney finds out who has adopted her baby! Sam discovers Jessica in bed with Spike!

Tuesday, April 26
Mrs. Wallace is horrified to see Beth and Alistair getting intimate! Spike and Sam face off. Sheridan and Gwen have a heart to heart.

Wednesday, April 27
Jessica reveals that Ivy knew all about her actions! Luis is upset that Sheridan still believes Marty is her son. Alistair threatens to reveal Beth's secrets.

Thursday, April 28
Sheridan remembers being held captive in Beth's basement! Sam kicks Ivy out of his house. Chad confides in Eve and Julian.

Friday, April 29
Ethan agrees to take Jane away from Theresa. Fox and Chad come to blows. Whitney is overwhelmed by emotion.

VCR Alerts

Wednesday, May 4
Sheridan and Beth's rivalry turns violent!

Thursday, May 5
Theresa offers Gwen a shocking deal.
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