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Some spoilers taken from a site...

I read some spoilers...
Ethan accuses Theresa of outing him as a Bennett to a tabloid years ago.
Rebecca makes a surprising offer to Ivy.
Beth lunges towards Sheridan with a Knife!
Most scenes below take place at the Blue Note.

Edna seeks help from Tabby to stop Beth from sleeping with her father and she rushes over to the club.

Al is busy drinking cocktails and planning murder.
Beth is trying to avoid Shuis.
Sheridan and Beth get into a major catfight which nearly ends in murder.

Fox fights the baby that isn’t his.

Whitney drinks to down her sorrows and moves to the piano to sing a heart wrenching song.
As Fox listens to her he can’t help but get caught up in the memories of their lost love.
Theresa saves Whitney from death.

Chad, Julian and Eve grow closer as a family.
Eve and Julian watch over Chad caring for his adopted baby.

TC and Liz give a helping hand to Sam.
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