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Monday, May 2
Whitney's life is in danger. Beth and Alistair are on a collision course with Luis and Sheridan. Fox accuses Julian of taking Chad's side.

Tuesday, May 3
Fox and Ivy commiserate. Sheridan is frustrated that Luis doesn't believe her over Beth. Whitney drowns her sorrows.

Wednesday, May 4
Alistair gives Beth a knife to use against Sheridan! Theresa pulls Ethan into a kiss. Whitney takes the stage at The Blue Note.

Thursday, May 5
Gwen offers Theresa a truce. Fox confronts Whitney. Alistair and Beth get passionate!

Friday, May 6
Mrs. Wallace drops a bomb on Beth and Alistair. Sheridan comes to a startling realization. Ivy lashes out at Theresa.

VCR Alerts

Monday, May 9
Whitney looks at her baby for the first time.

Wednesday, May 11
Ethan serves Theresa with custody papers for Jane.

Check to see if Fox has received any interesting mail today...
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