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April 4th - April 15thCollapse )
» Heh....
So whatever happened to the rest of Gwen's kids she was 'daydreaming' about?
» Good Grief Passions Style..
Looking back on past spoilers.. like here.. ::from January:: you realize just how long ago Gwen kidnapped Jane.. so that was back in January.. and we are still on that subject.
» Quick Question..
Does anyone have any idea if Grace is coming back to Passions - or is she gone for good..? I figured she would be back by now...
» Time update thing....
The time update thing will be over here from now on!

Current Passions time: February 15th, 2005 [Early AM]
Current Normal time: March 30th, 2005
Current day started: March 18th, 2005
Duration of Current Passions Day: 9 episodes
» Tomorrow!
Not really a spoiler but looks like tomorrow is a start of a new day! =D Yah for wardrobe changes hahaha!!
» taken from NBC.com
Newcomer Emily Harper joins the cast of "Passions" in the contract role of "Fancy." According to Executive Producer Lisa de Cazotte, "Harper will debut on canvas as a very rich, intelligent and sexy young woman that we meet in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will become clear along the way how she's connected to the characters in Harmony." "Passions" will be traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada to tape these scenes on location.

Harper, who was a "Los Angeles Laker Girl" from 2000 to 20003, graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance. Her past television credits include hosting several seasons of both "Lakers TV" and "Sparks TV" as well as guest appearances on "The Jamie Kennedy Show" and the NBC pilot "Inside Schwartz." "Passions" will mark Harper's acting debut as a series regular. She begins taping in mid-April and her first airdate is slated for May 12, 2005.
» Week of March 14 - 18
When Julian asks for custody of Endora, Tabitha vows she'll never allow him and Eve to raise her child. When Ivy hears of Sam's plan to call Grace home from Europe, she turns to Jessica, frightening her with how strict her mother will be once she returns. An upset Jessica begs Sam not to bring her mother home. While researching how to put her child up for adoption, Whitney runs into a legal complication -- both parents' signatures are needed! In order to prove his love to Whitney, Fox agrees to her request to help find Theresa's baby. Fox traces Alistair's phone call with Katherine and pinpoints the location of the island. Fox warns Ethan he will have to make a choice between Theresa and Gwen once Fox brings Gwen and the baby home. Reminding Katherine that she's deeply indebted to him, Alistair hints he'll be demanding repayment of a sexual nature and makes it very clear that Katherine is his permanent prisoner. Upon Paloma's release from the hospital, Martin breaks the news of Katherine's disappearance to his daughter. She is crushed and blames Pilar for wanting Katherine out of the picture. A stung Pilar is grateful when Martin asks Paloma to give her mother a chance. Luis asks Beth for joint custody of Marty so he can bond with his son and also help Sheridan's mental health. Beth is determined to never let Sheridan near Marty.
» 02-02-05
Julian plans to clear Eve's name with aid from the one man able to overturn her murder charges: Alistair. At the hospital, Ethan is devastated to learn of Gwen's attempted suicide. He and Rebecca grow concerned when Gwen's prison guard reports that Gwen has disappeared. Meanwhile, a deranged Gwen chases Theresa throughout a secluded part of the hospital with a pair of scissors. While looking over the unconscious body of Paloma, Sam is consumed with thoughts of his own girls and the danger they could have been in. Furious with Katherine's interference, Pilar demands that Martin stick to his promise and reveal his dark secret.
» Spoilers: Jan 24th-28th, 2004
This post contains spoilers...Next week on PassionsCollapse )
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